Special Education

Manitou Springs District 14 Special Education Services

Manitou Springs School District is dedicated to the belief that all students should be prepared to enter “life after High School” with as great a level of independence as possible. To this end, we provide a continuum of services based on student need that capitalizes on their strengths while supporting their challenges.
Students qualify for special education supports and services through a standardized process. This process is directed by Federal and State law and utilizes a variety of assessments and observations to ensure accuracy.

Parents are an integral part of the special education process. Their knowledge and opinion is important in assessment, placement and services. No student is assessed for special education services without the consent of the legal guardian.

Not all students who have a diagnosed disability will qualify for special education services. If your student has a diagnosis from a source other than the school district, contact the school to determine how their needs will be met.

Services will be provided in the least restrictive environment (LRE) possible. This means that all students, regardless of disability, are considered to be general education students first and will be placed in classes with typical peers to the fullest extent practicable.

Services for students are as diverse as the students themselves. No decision is ever based on a label or their defined disability. Each building team works hard to ensure that the support plan is truly individual.

If a student qualifies for special education services, timely reporting of progress on goals should be expected.

Staff Contacts Information

Ute Pass Elementary 719-685-2227
Mikayla Norris [email protected]g

Manitou Springs Elementary 719-685-2195
Malcomb Vrecenar  [email protected]
Vanessa Roberts  [email protected]
Jenny Romano  [email protected]
Anna Fox [email protected]

Manitou Springs Middle School 719-685-2112
Jodi Wilt [email protected]
Lucy Tearzis: [email protected]
Megan Lamoreaux: [email protected]

Manitou Springs High School 719-685-2074
Jill McCracken [email protected]
Liz Tindall [email protected]