Sora - Online Books

Be sure that the Sora app is installed on your device (if not download it from your App Catalog on your iPad, (you can also find the app on Google Play and the Apple App store if you are using a personal device).

You can also access Sora on a computer at: The app and website should work from both home and at your school..
Once you've downloaded Sora, click on
  Find My School
  My School isn't Listed.
  Type in "Colorado BOCES Association" in the "Find Your School" section
  Click this is my school
  Then click “Select my school” and find Manitou Springs School District14
  Use your school's credentials to finish the login process

Username: first name, middle initial, last initial (example: maryss)
Password: First name and last our digits of school ID (example: mary2453)

You are logged in! Click on the binoculars icon to begin exploring the collection.

Students and staff are now set up to sign in to the public library (Pikes Peak Public Library) in Sora using the same username and password they use to sign in to Sora. After they add the public library in Sora, they’ll click to borrow a book and will be prompted to sign in. They should see Manitou Springs School District in a dropdown menu, they’ll select that, and then they’ll be able to sign in with their school credentials.


If these steps do not work or you still need help, please email your building tech:

MSES: Logan Read  [email protected]
MSMS: Kolt Woofter [email protected]
MSHS: Gabrielle Waters [email protected]
UPES: Kolt Woofter [email protected]

Sora only provides age appropriate books.