Certified Substitutes

DISTRICT 14 Substitute Teacher requirements: Along with the 1, 3 or 5 year substitute authorization or Initial/Professional License, all applicants will be screened to insure they meet the District’s standards for guest teaching in our District Schools.

Please visit our Employment Opportunities Page to apply.  MSSD14 does not accept substitute applications year round, but only on as needed basis.

Colorado issues three types of substitute authorizations: a 1-year authorization, a 3-year authorization, and a 5-year authorization. A substitute authorization allows you to work in a Colorado public school as a substitute teacher. The substitute authorizations are issued without grade level or subject endorsement area designations.

CDE Substitute License

Issuance of a 5-year substitute authorization requires a valid out-of-state teaching license or an expired or valid Colorado teaching certificate or teaching license.

Guest Teacher Salary Information:

Daily Rate $150.00 per day for days 1 -20

Daily Rate $170.00 per day for days 21 and beyond for certified assignments
* These rates will reset to $150.00 at the start of each new school year

Long Term FMLA Leave (Maternity/Medical) Daily Rate $230.00 per day beginning on day 1 for certified assignments
* Long Term Leave requires planning, grading and attending Staff Meeting and PD Meetings

Daily Rate for Certified Guest Teachers Covering for Paraprofessionals will remain at $150.00 per day
Job Expectations:
  • Demonstrates effective organizational, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Demonstrates punctuality and good attendance.
  • Complies with all safety policies, practices and procedures, including proper use of equipment.
  • Reports all unsafe conditions/activities to supervisor or Human Resources.
  • Demonstrates aptitude and interest for the work to be performed.
  • Follows appropriate district policies and procedures.
  • Meets deadlines.
  • Demonstrates confidentiality as related to job.
  • Develops and maintains professional working relations with other district employee.
  • Full day attendance is 7:30am - 2:50pm (MSES & UPES)
  • Full day attendance is 7:45am - 3:15pm (MSMS & MSHS)
Terms of Employment:

Nothing contained in this job description is intended to create any contractual obligations on the part of the substitute teacher or the school district. Substitute teachers have the right to terminate their associations with the school district, with or without reason, and the school district retains the same right.