Board of Education

BOE Regular Meeting December 7, 2023 at 5:30pm.

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Any member of the community who would like to participate in Public Comment will need to email  Erika Warren ([email protected]) by 4:15 p.m. on the day of the meeting. She will then email you a link to join the meeting. When it is time for Public Comment, you will have 3-minutes to speak to the Board of Education.
The following individuals may be eligible to address the Board during a public comment period (Policy BEDH)


  • Residents of the district.
  • Parents/legal guardians of students enrolled in district schools.
  • Members of the staff.
  • Individuals who have been requested by the Superintendent or the Board President to present a given subject.
  • Nonresidents of the district who previously have requested and received the permission of the Superintendent or the Board President.

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The Manitou Springs Board of Education (BOE) consists of 5 members elected to four-year terms. The BOE typically meets twice a month. Please use the left navigation link to view the schedule of meetings for each school year. The fundamental work of the BOE is to establish the direction of the district, set organizational goals, and monitor the progress of the district towards those goals. The BOE Directors have developed a series of ends statements and executive limitations to direct their work based on multiple community meetings and outreach. The ends statements are embedded in the district’s mission of establishing deep, meaningful relationships; creating academically rigorous courses; and providing multiple opportunities for students to engage in a wide range of activities. Please Email the BOE with any questions you may have.

Natalie Johnson, Board  President (Term 2021-2025)


A Manitou Springs resident since 2004,
Natalie has volunteered and/or worked with the District as a Community Liaison for Partners for Healthy Choices (PHC), Chair of the Career and Technical Education Committee, a representative on the District Sustainability Plan Committee D14 Schools (2011), a member of the DAAC (District Accountability Action Committee) and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee/Wellness Committee for PHC. She attended Public Schools, comes from a long-line of teachers and has experience working on and for boards. Natalie received a Bachelor of Art from Ripon College in Wisconsin with a Major in Art History and English. She has a Masters of Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Women's Studies. A childless taxpayer, former Manitou Springs business owner, resident and nonprofit director, she brings a unique perspective to the table. She loves to read, eat good food with friends and BUILD COMMUNITY. Johnson is the Executive Director of the Manitou Art Center and the Manitou Springs Creative District.
Email Natalie Johnson

Jack Sharon, Vice President (Term 2019-2023)


Jack recently joined the Manitou Springs Board of Education in November of 2019. Jack has been involved as a parent of Manitou Springs School District 14 students since his older two daughters graduated in 2011 and 2012. He currently has twin daughters in the Middle School and a son at Manitou Springs Elementary School. Jack received his undergraduate degree from UCLA, attended medical school at Oral Roberts University, completed his emergency medicine residency at UC San Francisco - Fresno and has been a board certified emergency medicine physician practicing in Colorado Springs since 1995. He has served as the medical director of Penrose Hospital Emergency Department from 2004 to 2020 and is a former Chief of Staff of the Penrose-St. Francis Health System. Jack currently continues to serve as a member of the Penrose St. Francis Hospital Board. Jack continues to practice Emergency Medicine at a critical access hospital in Lamar, CO as well as at Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson. Jack is a firm believer in the value and importance of a solid education and considers it to be the great equalizer for children in our society. His goal is that every child has access to and excellent education in a safe environment. Email Jack Sharon

Tina Vidovich, Director (Term 2021-2025)


Tina was recently appointed to the Board of Education June of 2017.  She has been a resident of Manitou Springs for fourteen years.As a parent of a Manitou Springs School District 14 student she has served on both the Building Accountability Advisory Committee and District Accountability Advisory Committee, volunteered for various events, and most importantly served as Team Mom for MSHS Boys Soccer Team. In addition to her volunteer and parenting experiences, she is a career educator with nearly 30 years of experience as a paraprofessional, teacher, and administrator. Tina loves to spend time in Manitou with her family and friends, but especially enjoys hiking with her two Labrador retrievers. Tina’s belief is that every child deserves an excellent education.  Email  Tina Vidovich

Gus Moen, Director (Term 2019-2023)

Gustav William Moen II. As a student, I was always enrolled in public institutions, attending my neighborhood schools and participating in extracurricular activities such as baseball, football, basketball, and band. Along with the academic and executive functioning skills I was taught in the traditional classroom setting, the character development nurtured within me through these activities would not have been financially feasible for my family without being part of a comprehensive, free public education. I am personally grateful for the quality of my primary and secondary education, as it allowed for greater opportunities in my life and I humbly believe it to be one of the foremost American innovations.

As baseball continued to be a passion of mine and a means to afford to continue into post-secondary education, I found interest in psychology. As a young man with a family to support, I turned my focus toward the marketing side of psychology and eventually went into the corporate world. However, my connection to and passion for psychology has never waned and has been reignited through my study and training in trauma-informed practices and developmental psychology. This ardor for mental health has spurred a shift in focus, professionally, as I am now the proud owner/operator of a developing psychotherapy practice, which includes humanistic and integrative strategies. Additionally, I am a certified trainer for trauma-informed practices, which allows me to impact the health and wellness of organizations, both public and private, to ensure the overall well being of each member of a community or organization.

With over 25 years in the corporate setting, IT training management, and business leadership, I have seen the impact of quality and comprehensive general education on the workforce. Having decades of experience in hiring, developing, and leading varied employees, there is an obvious advantage for employees who have been the recipients of a quality general, public education, as these individuals are able to collaborate with peers to perform a variety of tasks and assignments. As a member of the Board of Education for Manitou Springs School District 14, I am eager to develop my role to champion for the current and future needs of the staff, students, and community by ensuring the policies are reflective of the needs of the contemporary learner, while being responsive to the realities of the current world and anticipating the demands of our future society. I am honored and excited to serve my community in this capacity.
Gus Moen


Christi-Marie Butler, Director (Term to end November 2023)


A long-distance runner, the Vice President of Fundraising for Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation, and a graduate of UCCS, Christi-Marie Butler is the newest member of the MSSD14 Board of Education. A proud parent and fan of the district, Butler is here for you.
Email: [email protected]