Internet Safety Concerns

Questions and Concerns about internet safety

MSSD14 is committed to continual improvement in this area which remains a priority as the internet grows and tools to help mitigate safety concerns evolve.

Here is some information on what MSSD14 does to help ensure our students are safe, starting with our web filter. We installed a new firewall in 2021, and our web filter is currently LineWize,  used by many school districts in Colorado and across the nation.

We have a very strict filter.  Some of the blocked categories include abused drugs, adult, alcohol, tobacco, copyright infringement, dating, games, gambling, hacking, malware, nudity, phishing, sex education, social media, swimsuits, intimate apparel, and weapons. YouTube is blocked at MSES, UPES and  MSMS. YouTube is available for HS students. We try to block all social media site. Students can use Google as a search engine while Yahoo is not available. 

Our web filter, although powerful, is not perfect. This is true with all web filters, either at home or at school. In some cases, filtering, regardless of settings, can under-block bad sites and over-block good sites at the same time.

For these reasons internet safety is not viewed as just a technology issue. Teachers use engaging instructional practices and actively manage their classrooms. Students need to understand their responsibilities and practice good digital citizenship. Parents can help  by setting appropriate boundaries and having ongoing conversations with their students about technology use. All of us have a responsibility to continue educating ourselves and each other about the latest technology trends and research.