Recording & Share with your Teacher

How to Record Yourself:
1) Go into Camera
2) Make sure your Camera is flipped to the back camera. If you film using the front camera, any words on screen will appear backward.
3) Film your video. Try to keep it short so it uploads quicker.

How to Record Your Screen:
1) Make sure you have screen recording enabled:
a) Go into Settings
b) Control Center
c) Customize Controls
d) Press the + symbol next to Screen Recording
2) Go to the app you want to film
3) Pull down on the top right of your iPad screen. (You want to see bubbles where you can change volume, screen mirror, and turn on wifi)
4) Hold down on the icon that looks like a circle inside another circle. You should see "Screen Recording" open up.
5) Make sure "Photos" is checked.
6) Choose whether you want your microphone on or off
7) Start Recording. (This will start a 3-second countdown.)
8) To stop the recording, press the "circle" icon at the very top of your screen. Press "Stop."

How to Send it to Your Teacher:
1) Make sure the Google Drive app is downloaded.
a) Go into the App Catalog
b) Look for "Google Drive" and Install
2) Open "Google Drive"
3) You might need to log in.
a) Hit "Sign in"
b) Choose your email, or "Add another account"
c) Username: First name, middle initial, last initial
ex. [email protected]
Password: First name and 4 digit passcode
ex. john1234
4) Click on the + symbol in the bottom right corner.
5) Choose "Upload" and "Photos and Videos"
6) If it says, "Drive Would Like to Access Your Photos", choose "OK"
7) Find your video, select it, and choose "Upload"
8) Choose the folder icon in the bottom right to see all of your files.
9) When the video is finished uploading (which might take a while),
Find it, and click on the 3 dots next to the name.
10) Choose "Share"
11) Type in your teacher's email, and click on the paper airplane icon in the bottom right of the pop-up.